Gucci Cruise Resort 2016 – NYC

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By Rachel Small

June 04, 2015 – the Gucci Cruise Resort 2016 show debuted in NYC on a sectioned-off street and a garage gallery in Chelsea. The runway was composed of worn Persian rugs and surrounded by exposed brick walls that complimented the trendy Williamsburg-esque designs. The famed Italian brand has recently created a lot of renewed buzz due to its new, younger aesthetic cultivated by the freshly appointed creative director and Roman native, Alessandro Michele.


The new line marks a departure from Gucci’s typical designs that used to showcase glossy, glam, and modern luxury apparel and accessories defined under the leadership of former creative director, Tom Ford. The merchandise, especially during the ’90s and early ’00s, focused on the GG monogram as its calling card.

Post-Ford regime, the goal of the new Gucci image under Michele was to deviate from the former Gucci brand as much as possible – to create a new definition of “the Gucci Girl.” The brand was in desperate need of rejuvenation to appeal to the emerging millennial demographic that Michele achieves by focusing on the popular, hipster street style inspired by youth in Brooklyn.

Gucci Rugs (1).png

The Gucci Cruise Resort 2016 show pays a literal homage to the hipster look by taking the runway to an actual street. Deviating from contemporary designs, Gucci’s new looks are reminiscent of ’60s mod style in terms of silhouettes and patterns and throws back to kitschy, ’70s colors and embellishments. Fitting the models with faux, vintage glasses and comically ironic embroidery – like a giant tiger – matches the pseudo-intellectualism popular in Brooklyn culture.


In the promo video released by Gucci, “Gucci Cruise 2016: A Fashion Story,” we initially see two models walking the streets of New York wearing the clothes from the Gucci runway as their everyday clothing. New York is famous for its unique and quirky street style, often documented at large in popular culture through street-style photographers like veteran New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham and the newly popular blog Humans of New York. In the Gucci Cruise Resort 2016 video, the models jump the barricades of the fashion show security and walk straight from the street onto the runway. This – and Gucci’s new creative direction in general – is a deliberate commentary on how the street style of Brooklyn is transcending into the high fashion world of Manhattan.

Gucci Rugs (2).png

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